We were dropped off at the bus station right in the centre of Kampot and were immediately shocked at how quiet. We have a habit of getting a little unlucky with where the bus drops us off in conjunction with the distance away from our hotel. But as previously said, walking to the hotel is a great way to get to know your way around a place. 
We were walking down a main road but followed the map down a small path that led off it. Towards the end of the path we came to where we were staying and it was a little paradise of little wooden huts in a courtyard. 
We were met by the French manager, who was incredible welcoming. After being showed to our rooms, we headed to the communal area, which was a wooden platform that jutted out over the river. 

Filled with hammocks and giant circles chairs it was the perfect place to adjust to our new surroundings and plan what we wanted to do. 
We were keen to get out and explore the beautiful countryside that we had heard so much about. So we decided that we would rent a moped for this job. We had been told we must go and visit the river further upstream , as it was a lot cleaner and we could go swimming and explore . After about 15 mins driving we came to a mud part of the track, and thinking that this was just a little bit, we carefully proceeded onwards. Little did we know that it would take us 20 minutes to move 100meters. It had been quite stressful work, so we were so glad to find how peaceful it was when we found a place to stop! 

We stayed in the same spot for hours, playing chess , eating food, chatting to others; and we got so relaxed we almost forgot that that we had to go back all the mud bath of a road. 
After half way, and very near miss, we decided it would be better if I got off and walked so that it was easier for Alex to drive. We finally made it back to normal roads covered in mud and slightly shaken- safe to say we have never been so thankful for Tarmac!! 
After the craziness of Phnom Penh and the stresses of moped driving, we decided that the next day would be spent in a tranquil way and just popping into town, observing local life and planning the next stop.  
The following day we were feeling much better and were keen to get out some more. We found a friendly Tuk-Tuk man who drove us all around the surrounding area. We visited some amazing temples , based in the back of a cave, which were very impressive. 

We made some quick friends with the local children who were. Having great fun cooling off in the flooded rice paddy.

We stopped for lunch at a lakeside shack, where you could hire tractor tires to float around on and had some lok lac- a famous Cambodian dish of tangy chicken and rice. 

We arrived back at our little guesthouse complete shattered but very happy with all the beauty we had seen that day. We treated ourselves to some brilliant pasta cooked by our kind chef and got chatting to a fellow travelers, Rachel. She told us of these beautiful islands down south that we simply beautiful! So with the beach and sea calling us, we booked the bus for the next morning. We spent the rest of the night chatting away to our new friend and swapping stories and ideas about where to go in Cambodia.


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