The bus picked us up from Kampot in the early hours of the morning to take us to sihanoukville. Something we have discovered in South east Asia is that if a travel companies tells you that it’s just one bus taking you from one place to another, you can bet on it turning out to be two or three changes. So after three changes we arrived in sihanoukville where we would be catching a boat to take us to the Island of Ko Rong.
After a bit of island hopping we arrived on the main island. Here we needed to catch another boat to take us to the other side of the island where are beach villa was located. After asking a few boat companies how much this journey would cost, we both decided these were too expensive. In a daring move we asked a local fisherman how much he would want if he took us there and he jumped at the opportunity to get a quarter of what the companies wanted to charge. 

So after a wonderful little boat trip around the the island we arrive at Coconut beech villa. 
We almost didn’t want to make our way up to the villas because we were both so in awe with the white sand and the clearest blue sea we had ever seen. We unpacked and then made our way to the restaurant which overlooked the beech. We weren’t surprised to find out that there was absolutely zero Wi-fi on the island, but we found happiness in this knowing that we were completely disconnected. We would also be on the island for the U.S election results, so we almost didn’t want to hear who had won. You can imagine our shock when we found out after getting off the island. 
We spent our first day exploring the island and tried to find a perfect sport to relax. After a little while we came across a shallow pool which was perfect to lay in and sock in the sun whilst having the view of the beech meeting the water. 

Our second and unfortunately last day on the island followed the same themes of the first day. If we were going to book a full week anywhere it would be here, but as we were only going to be spending two weeks in Cambodia, we had to be strong and resist. 

We ended our last day with an evening  walk around the island, ending up in a tiny little fishing village to watch the sunset. We arrived a little early so just enjoyed soaking up moment and watching people bundle of the local ferry. 

Some rather scary looking fish!

When the sunset came it was breath taking!

It was our final night that was probably the most memorable. At 4am we were woken by the manager. After fumbling around in the dark trying to pick our way through the tents and not tread of sleeping dogs, we arrived at the beach with 3 other people. Robbie asked us to turn all our lights off so we could see better, which to us didn’t really make sense. However what we were there to see, would not show as well if we had lights on- phosphorescent plankton. As we waded into the sea, the water around us glowed! We spent ages just swimming around in the sea, and holding up cloth, observing these wonderful creatures. It was an truly amazing experience; we had thousands of stars shining down on us, and what felt like thousands of stars in the water around us. An unforgettable moments.

Although we were not able to take any pictures due to soaking hands, I found this picture online- not exactly what we saw , but still pretty special.


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