The Kavos of Laos

After a long and windy road trip to Vang Vieng we arrived. The  surrounding landscape took our immediate attention, with the town being surrounded by mountains.
In recent years the town has gained a bad reputation for being a massive party full of over indulgence in drugs and alcohol, which lead to multiple tourist deaths. However, the government has scaled this back dramatically and it now makes for a rather calm and interesting place to visit- if you want it to be!

We knew before arrival that we wanted to book an activity day, so we dropped our bags off at our hotel and headed out to explore the town and get something booked up.
Whilst walking through the town we discovered a ‘Friends’ cafe, which played friends on repeat, all day, everyday. We ended up spending a lot of time here over the few days in Vang Vieng.  We also found that due to high demand there were lots of chilled out places to grab a beer and watch the tubers float by. This was a little walk out of town , but worth every bit.
Once we got around to booking the activity day out (The friends cafe was hard to leave) we headed back for an early night after a long day.
With an early alarm waking us, we were quickly rushing out of our hotel to catch the mini bus which would take us on our day of activities.
We didn’t have an itinerary for the day, but were both happy to go with the flow. Just the journey to our first destination was amazing itself, because it was the first time being out of Vang Vieng town and seeing the incredible landscape northern Laos had to offer. It felt like we were in Jurassic park!

We were told on arrival that our first activity was tubing; an activity the involves clambering into a old tractor inner tube and floating from caves. We were in a group of about 8 others, all from different counties, and all very friendly. We grabbed our donuts rings and we were off, pulling ourselves with the rope down the river that ran through the caves.
The water was extremely chilly, but after the blood got flowing from all the pulling, it became pretty refreshing. We had our own little race through the cave, but to save someone’s reputation, we won’t mention the winner….
Next up was kayaking, an activity we considered ourselves complete pros at due to our Ha Long Bay expedition, but our Pro title came quickly into doubt when we arrived at the river we would be kayaking down, with jagged rocks and a very strong current.. but it looked like it was going to be a lot of fun.
Before we knew it, we were in the river and heading down it at great speed, both getting soaked and attempting to avoid rocks. After a wobbly 5 mins, we were back in the swing of things and natively gave our Pro title back to ourselves. Kayaking we have found, is an amazing way to see a country’s landscape, as you are fully immersed in it.
After we reached our pick up destination on the river, we were quickly back in our mini bus (soaked) and on our way to our last stop of the day, ‘The Blue lagoon’.
We had seen hundreds of pictures of the blue lagoons on activity centre advertisement boards, but we were a little doubtful that they would look just like that. We were shocked, but very happy, when we arrived at the lagoon to see that the lagoon was actually just as blue, and if anything more picturesque as the photos we had seen.

A few dips in the lagoon, and a few drinks down. We were ready to head back to the main town before sunset, feeling very content with the adventures we had that day.
Vang Vieng over and out. On our walk home we stopped in at a beautiful temple. Although temples in general are quite similar, everyone has a slight difference. This one had some interesting decorations inside.


Goodbye to Vang Vieng… Next stop Luang Prabang

Next stop Luang Prabang.


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