Chiang Mai

Rocking up at the bus station in Chaing Rai, it was initially unclear, amongst the chaos of busy buses coming and going , which bus to get; but we eventually clambered onto what we hoped was the right on.
After about 2 hours we arrive at the bus station of Chaing Mai, and with some impressive haggling skills we were able to grab a tuktuk into the center of town for £2.

We whizzed along in the bike taxi hybrid, already feeling the buzz of the city around us. We were dropped at the edge of the walled area of town and walked off to find a place to stay. Soon we were settled in a very sweet hostel, with a ice cream shop just underneath us … perfect!

There were lots of brilliant things to do in Chaing mai and right at the top of our list was a cooking course. So the next day we decided  learn to make some of the fantastic food we had been eating. Although there were 100s of different places to do this as it’s very popular in Chaing Mai , we decided on a little place called Asia scenic. After being picked up in the morning we were transported to a charming area of old buildings complete with wide gardens. As our group gathered our teacher explained that the first stop was the market, to see where the ingredients we would be using came from.

Next we headed back to the base and were give a tour around the garden and saw all of the herbs and spices they could grow. Lemon grass, chillis, ginger, turmeric and kafir lines all came together to make an incredibly fragment and enjoyable experience.

Stir fried Cashew nut, vegetables and rice mmmmm 🙂 
Impressive chopping skills!

Montage of cooking pictures.

Our teacher called a spicy curry sexy. “Don’t forget to make it sexy!!!” she would shout at us from across the room. Safe to say mine was very unsexy !


I’ve never known cooking be such a work out! Making curry paste required all of my muscles and a few of Alex’s 💪
But it was worth it… our beautiful curry pastes
My new favourite curry -Panang curry 🍛










These were just a few of the brilliant things we made, along with Tom yum soup , Thai style fried banana and sesame seeds and copious amounts of noddles!


We love taking time to wonder around the places we go, choosing to really get to know a place by experiencing it. Chaing Mai was great for that. We must have spent at least two days , just wondering aimlessly around the tiny streets getting lost in temples and back alleys. It’s times like this when you find real treasures, like the China town we managed to stumble across. This area in particular was great fun to just sit and watch locals go about their daily business, whether it’s a man coming to the temple on his way to work or two women haggling over some flowers that look like their from another world, there’s always something exciting going on.

A Chinese styled gateway , which is not complete without its brightly coloured dragons.
Apparently these are flowers , although all I want to do is pop them!
The beautiful orchids that caused Alex’s hay fever to go into overload 🤧



The rest of the time was spent wandering around markets, eating brilliant fried squid, noddles and other exotic concoctions ;







searching through old book stores with new friends, 










and visiting some pretty impressive gold covered temples.


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